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Fantastic news, BAME is excited to be partnering with Comic Relief to help attract new Trustees!

It’s an exciting time at Comic Relief as they transition from the glorious years of the telethon to driving success in the modern, digital, global world. They are diversifying and will offer more ways for people to engage with their mission. Innovative thinking is at the heart and Comic Relief is looking for someone dynamic and challenging to help shape
the future and support the delivery of a refreshed focus for the organisation.

The role of a trustee is to support and contribute to the Board, giving strategic direction, defining goals and setting targets while evaluating performance against all of the above. Although they want serious governance, they also want humour and humanity.

If you are interested in taking on responsibilities that come with the satisfaction and empowerment from knowing that the commitment you will make will make a direct difference to Comic Relief and some of the poorest people in society, please get in touch
You don’t have to be a hero or famous to change lives for the better, trusteeship allows you to do just that!


We're pretty ambitious, and we've been entered for a few awards along the way


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