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Shelter is one of the most important charities in Britain working on one of the most important issues in Britain. Our highly capable CEO and her team of executives and talented staff are working hard to end homelessness in the UK. They need and deserve a strong board who are able to provide high-level strategic challenge and support, helping the team shape and deliver an ambitious programme of work. The Shelter board want to epitomise the best of charity governance; we want to have a mature, transparent relationship between non-exec and exec where we are all working to articulate and deliver clear aims and objectives.

We are looking for trustees who will act solely in the interests of Shelter, act with integrity at all times, and will actively work as a team to take Shelter to the next stage. We really want our board to reflect the diversity of Britain - we are particularly keen to hear from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people. We would like the board to reflect a broad range of experiences of housing and homelessness. We also need specific skills; we would especially like to hear from people with experience in business development and fundraising as well as the core skills necessary to chair the board, and chair the audit, risk and finance committee. 

Trustees and the Chair of ARAF will be expected to spend approximately two days a month on Shelter activity and the Chair of Shelter will be likely to spend, on average, one day a week on activity.  This is a non-salaried position.

General responsibilities

  • Act within the governing document of Shelter and the law, and abide by the policies and procedures of the organisation
  • Support the objects and mission of Shelter, championing it, using your skills or knowledge to further that mission and seek expert advice where appropriate
  • Familiarise yourself with the Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Be an active trustee, making your skills, experience and knowledge available to Shelter and seek to do what additional work you can outside trustee meetings, including sitting on committees of the Board
  • Respect organisational, board and individual confidentiality
  • Develop and maintain a sound and up-to-date knowledge of Shelter and its environment.
  • Use Shelter’s resources responsibly
  • Seek to be accountable for my actions as a trustee of Shelter
  • Accept responsibility to ensure that Shelter is well run
  • Uphold the highest standards of performance as set out in the Nolan Committee Standards in Public Life
  • Declare if there is any change in your circumstances which may affect your future eligibility to serve as a trustee, or may impact adversely on Shelter’s reputation

Managing Interests

  • Not gain materially or financially from my involvement with Shelter unless specifically authorised to do so, and will act within the guideline of Shelter’s Gifts and Hospitality Policy at all times.
  • Act in the best interests of Shelter as a whole, and not as a representative of any group - considering what is best for Shelter and its present and future beneficiaries and avoiding bringing Shelter into disrepute.
  • Unless authorised, not put yourself in a position where your personal interests conflict with your duty to act in the interests of the organisation.
  • Where there is a conflict of interest, ensure that this is managed effectively in line with Shelter’s Conflict of Interest policy.
  • I understand that a failure to declare a conflict of interest may be considered to be a breach of this code.


  • Attend all Board meetings regularly.
  • Prepare fully for all meetings and work for the organisation.
  • Actively engage in discussion, debate and voting in meetings
  • Participate in collective decision making


  • Actively contribute towards improving the governance of the trustee board
  • Participate in individual appraisal and Board review and governance development opportunities
  • Respect the collective authority of Board decisions and not act unilaterally
  • Where assistance and advice is required in order to be able to make the most appropriate decision affecting the charity, seek assistance/ advice from the Chair/Vice Chair, in the first instance, or an appropriate source (eg. Charity Commission, or professional advisor) and consider this information carefully.

Relations with others

  • Endeavour to work considerately and respectfully with all those you come into contact with at Shelter.
  • Recognise that the roles of trustees, volunteers and staff of Shelter are different, and to understand and respect the difference between these roles.
  • Seek to support and encourage all those you come into contact with at Shelter.
  • Not make public comments about the organisation unless authorised to do so.

Shelter will;

  • Provide the trustees with timely and relevant information in order to allow the board to govern well.
  • Provide the board with advice when necessary ensuring that external professional advisors are available as and when needed.
  • Work in partnership with the board to ensure that it fulfils all its statutory and legal responsibilities.
  • Invest time, money and other resources in order to help support and further develop good governance.
  • Provide the board with the necessary administrative and other support that they will need to govern well.
  • Reimburse trustees’ in accordance with Shelter’s Trustee Expenses Policy


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